"Divine Inspiration"

“Divine Inspiration” …”Education” (1890), a stained glass window by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Tiffany Glass Co.(late 1885-1892),
located in Linsly-Chittenden Hall at Yale University.



Rediscover, Rekindle, Reunite

“Helping couples to recommit to one another, one step at a time.”©


“A life long commitment uniting together as partners, not one above the other, walking together side by side down the road of life, through the good times and bad, with understanding that each of them will continue to grow in their own way, towards their own road. Each respecting the other, each loving the other unconditionally, each in support of the other, standing together side by side.” ~Reverend Cassandra

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Discover, Prepare, and Enrich ©

Premarital Couple’s Workshop ©

Before saying “I Do” couples can now prepare themselves for the challenges that can unfold throughout their married life.


Soon-to-be married couples now have an opportunity to invest in their future by Discovering, Preparing, and Enriching their lives together, while building a solid foundation for married life.

Before entering into a life long commitment, such as marriage, the Premarital Couple’s Workshop can help couples work out any of the kinks they may have already, or discover before hand what may come up in the future. It can also reveal their strengths, and give to them much needed support for their foundation. By reflecting upon these strengths, as a couple, they together can sustain and weather any storm that can come along the way.


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