Metaphysical Catholic Minister, Trance Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysician, Philosopher.

“Encouraging others on their arduous journey… for spiritual truth.”

The Founder of The Spiritual Connection Center 




I do not take this work lightly, nor do I do it to gain wealth or notoriety.


For those who seek to discover who they are, I am available to assist.


For those who seek my assistance, all help shall be given, as directed, for one’s highest good.


I was blessed by becoming a Minister, Administer of all Rites.


I sacredly cherish the gifts given to me by Our Father and the Holy Spirit.


I am “catholic”; I belong to the First Church founded by Jesus, My Lord.

I am a follower of Christ, not of Wesley or Calvin or Luther or Parham, or Roman Emperor Constantine, nor any other human being or organization.

The word “Catholic” means “Universal”“ all-encompassing”, “all-embracing”, and“ all-inclusive”.


I am one who believes in Jesus Christ, His teachings, and I probe deeply into His meanings and examples given to us.


I seek to bring closure to any and all turmoil that may come into my view from others or from society as a whole.


I look at all circumstances as lessons either for my self or for others.


If assistance is needed, I can combat negative influences that impinge upon one’s existence, and thus, not allowing one who is heavily influence by this negativity to continue its mission.


I encourage others on their arduous journey… for spiritual truth towards God.


I continue to learn everyday and grow towards the purpose God, Our Father, directs me to.


I believe in the afterlife, that there is no death, and the retainment of one’s personality continuous, upon the rebirth of a soul.


I believe evil beings walk amongst us and have from the beginning of time and prey upon the weakness of an individual of like energy.


I am able to read into a person’s past and future… when allowed.


Upon given permission…I can sense and read the souls of others, whether free, deceased, or in body.


When reading a soul, I can see and or feel the being’s characteristics, personality, and or feelings. I am able to help heal any residual pain left inside one’s soul… when allowed, and in accordance, for the individual’s highest good.


I am a medical intuitive who… again if allowed…helps to locate the cause of a physical or emotional condition.



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