Spiritual  Session with 

Reverend Cassandra M Giangrasso, C.M.M., M.P., B.MSC.

Minister, Trance Medium, Spiritual Counselor and Advisor, Metaphysician.

An unbiased Divine viewpoint may be just what you need.



Available through Appointment Only.

Day and Evening Hours

At Your Location or Skype Session: Contact us by email Click here to email us thesccenter@optimum.net





Reverend Cassandra is a deeply committed, Spirit-guided and Servant of God, who applies her mediumship abilities, skills, training, knowledge, and insights to the task of helping others discover who they are. She will provide you with a compassionate listening ear, give to you a voice of experience and wisdom and will give to you the emotional support you need when facing life’s most difficult decisions and challenges. She can help you learn how to let go of the difficulties that bind you to certain situations and can assist you on how to have meaningful relationships that help you to move into personal and spiritual maturity.



During a Session, you have the freedom to confidentially express yourself with your questions, concerns and fears… as contact is being made with your spirit. Throughout a session, a connection sometimes can be made with a loved one. They can appear as, guides, cheerleaders, motivators, and comforters. It’s their way of letting the sitter know they’re with them and that their love for them goes on, even though they are not physically present.



Spiritual Counseling Sessions… 



Spiritual Counseling is a process and ongoing sessions are recommended to achieve maximum results.

Reverend Cassandra will collaborate with you to help solve the problems that impact your quality of life or determine the detrimental areas that restrict you in reaching your personal goals.



Sessions are held for 45 minutes and are conducted Monthly, Bi Weekly or Weekly depending on your specific needs.Your relationship with Reverend Cassandra will be an unique one. You will share with her many intimate details of your life and you and her can explore what area (s) need to be addressed and simplified.




Confidentiality is an important aspect of the counseling process, as a Reverend, she holds a sacred trust between God and the Holy Spirit and will carefully guard the information you entrust to her.



Reverend Cassandra can also assist in helping you to recognize your spiritual side, your spiritual world, and can help advance your abilities as a spiritual being.





By commencing attention to one’s spiritual health, it can greatly improve an individual’s life.The benefits can exceed expectations… as it can aid to healing one’s emotional, mental, and physical health and in most cases can lessen the effects and symptoms of certain conditions.



Your highest good is always sought and your session remains strictly confidential, as counsel is provided. {NY CPLR 4505 Clergy-Penitent Privilege}


No one is ever turned away due to lack of funds. Small Donations are accepted in lieu of full counseling fee.


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