“Holy Spirit, come and enlighten me, console and instruct me.

Show me the way you would have me go today.

I ask this in the Name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen.



The Spiritual Connection Center offers support programs, spiritual counseling sessions, and other services to assist participants in the realization of one’s purpose, to understand their position in their relationships, and to awaken their spiritual capabilities to function confidently throughout their daily lives.



Many services are available…such as,


Individual Sessions,    Couple Sessions,    Pre-Marital or Commitment Sessions

Meditation for earth - 3D render  

Group Sessions,     Spiritual Guidance Sessions,     Life Coach Sessions


Private Group Message Circle conducted at the Center


Pastoral Care,      Pet Funeral,       Memorial Services


Divorce Ceremony,     Marriage / Commitment Ceremony


Coming of Age Ceremony, Baptism Ceremony


Blessing of a Business Location


House Blessings / House Cleansing


Paranormal Investigations



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