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Affiliate of The Spiritual Connection Center


Award Winning Artist, Christian Non-Denominational Ordained Minister, Published Poet,

Advanced Certified Louise L. Hay Motivational Instructor, Counselor, Teacher,

and Internationally Published Author.



Reverend Haughey is an award winning artist. Her work has been shown in private as well as corporate collections, and in numerous galleries throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. Due to the unique quality and derivation of her work, her angel art has been seen on television, book and magazine covers, and has been interviewed on nationally broadcast television stations and radio programs.


Reverend Haughey is the Author and Artist of the internationally published coffee table book, “Angels, Guardian’s of the Light”, which is a collection of her ethereal paintings, philosophies and life. Published by Hay House, Louise Hay wrote her forward, as well. In addition, she has had the pleasure of working with Ms. Hay personally and professionally.


Reverend Haughey has traveled throughout the United States since her book was published in 1995 offering motivational seminars and classes encouraging people from every walk of life to live their lives to the fullest extent without fear or hesitation. She clearly states “that people can do, or be anything they desire if motivated through the strength and will of intention.” As a certified trainer, Reverend Haughey teaches personal development workshops privately as well as in public seminars, and is based on the internationally acclaimed best selling book, “You Can Heal Your Life”, by Louise L Hay, her powerful life changing courses help people improve in the areas of: self esteem, love, career goals, team building, overcoming fears, releasing the past, and overall health. She is also credentialed arts and crafts instructor.


Reverend Haughey is also a Counselor and serves as a staff member at a local hospital working with patients and helps to assist them by resolving their challenges by way of spirituality, encouragement, creativity, artistic expression, and motivational awareness techniques. Since 1997, Reverend Haughey has a private practice in Fremont, California, where she works with people in the same capacity. Clients meet with her regularly in her office.