“As I am no writer. My mind works faster than my mouth. Messages are given to my words and thoughts

which allows them to be effectively written.” I.H.S Rev. Cassandra




“Everyone who shared my life, had a profound impact on it, and it has helped me along the way.

It did not matter what the relationship was, whether good or bad or in different.

I needed to experience all of it. In order for me to reach my destination…

I needed to see and live and learn as I did… as it enabled me to evolved… into who I am today.

I am still learning and will continue until I close my eyes.


In God’s time… All of our lives will come to a close, …as none of us remember consciously of the time or the day. 

But….It is very important that we do release what lies beneath and not carry it along with us, for we do return,

sometimes many times, to resolve the issues that were never laid to rest, in our former lives.”





“It is all to often, I find emptiness within the people I know.

All too often I sense, that they, like I, was lost without the wisdom of knowing

the meaning of existence, its purpose or reason, thus, causing confusion and doubts.


In this, Embrace… the Purpose of Existence.

Nourish… the Soul with Divine Wisdom

and Believe…Its Truth.”




“Like the Season of Spring, as tiny buds appear,

the promise of the Continuality of Life exists for all.”




“Let all who is without judgment, and to all who seek to silence me,

let them know that it is my obligation to My Father whom has given me my purpose.

To spread my message, let them know that it is my mission from Him

who directed me, to speak to all whom will hear me.”




“At times, my spirit communicates with the soul of another and views a soul consumed

with the “self” instead of being nourished with reason and purpose.”




“Many put aside the true purpose of their existence, thus not being able to fully enjoy the life given.”




“To release the passions within my soul, I must understand in a gentle way the purpose of its existence.

Still, I have many questions that seek truth and wisdom.

Still, I will continue to probe into its meanings and reasons.

Until that time, I can be gentle to the souls that seek my wisdom and guidance”.

Copyright 2008: All Rights Reserved

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