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Premarital Couple’s Workshop ©

Integrating the Relationship Assessment Program



“Helping couples to prepare for a successful marriage, by helping them to build a solid foundation“©


“A life long commitment uniting together as partners, not one above the other, walking together side by side down the road of life, through the good times and bad, with the understanding that each of them will continue to grow in their own way, towards their own mission. Each respecting the other, each loving the other unconditionally, each in support of the other, standing together side by side.” ~Reverend Cassandra

There is no greater gift we can experience than the love of another human being.



For a successful marriage it takes work, it takes respect, it needs the lines of communication to always be opened, it needs understanding, forgiveness and flexibility.



Sickness, financial worries, family problems, addictions, job related stress, depression, lack of self esteem, feeling unloved and abandoned, dealing with an extended family, are just a few examples that can cause a major disconnect and break down of a relationship. By recognizing a situation or problem before hand, one can be better equipped to understand what their partner is encountering, experiencing, or enduring.


At the Spiritual Connection Center, Reverend Cassandra who’s been Nominated Best of Long Island 2016 & 2017, has helped many couples to recognize their strengths and weaknesses in their relationship. She has help them to share their dreams and aspirations with one another, and has encouraged them to support one another through their most difficult of times.



Before saying “I Do” couples can now prepare themselves for the challenges that can unfold throughout their married life.


Soon-to-be married couples now have an opportunity to invest in their future by Discovering, Preparing, and Enriching their lives together, while building a solid foundation for married life.



Before entering into a life long commitment, such as marriage, the Premarital Couple’s Workshop can help couples work out any of the kinks they may have already, or discover before hand what may come up in the future. It can also reveal their strengths, and give to them much needed support for their foundation. By reflecting upon these strengths, as a couple, they together can sustain and weather any storm that can come along the way.





Couples will be able to move into their marriage relationship with both eyes opened and become stronger as than ever before.
The goal here is to have couples be more open to the other, to build a strong, healthy, and spiritual relationship –
and give them the tools needed, to help them have a more stable, happy and satisfied marriage.



About the Premarital Couple’s Workshop


The Spiritual Connection Center offers an Individualized  6-8 session premarital package which includes
the Prepare/Enrich online assessment. Prepare/Enrich is a tool used by persons certified to administer
analyze and integrate assessment information covering various aspects of a relationship.


The SC Center is a trained and certified facilitator, of PREPARE/ENRICH, and this Workshop can help couples
achieve these goals through exercises designed to improve communication and help them to become
better prepared for the road ahead.


Prepare/Enrich helps couples:

  • Explore strength and growth areas
  • Identify and manage major stressors
  • Resolve conflict by strengthening communication skills
  • Develop a more balanced relationship
  • Explore family of origin issues
  • Discuss family planning, financial planning and budgeting
  • Establish personal, couple and family goals
  • Understand and appreciate personality differences


What is Prepare/Enrich?

PREPARE/ENRICH was developed by University of Minnesota family psychologist, David Olson, Ph.D., and colleagues,
as a method of assessing the health of premarital and married couple relationships.


PREPARE/ENRICH is a scientifically proven program for over the last 30 years and has empowered and energized
more than 3 million couples. They are the number 1 premarital inventory and couples assessment tool and one of the
most widely used programs for premarital counseling and premarital education.


PREPARE/ENRICH is utilized by over 100,000 trained clergy members, professional counselors, mentors,
and marriage educators throughout the U.S. and worldwide.




Short Description of * The Premarital Couple’s  Workshop

conducted by Reverend Cassandra M Giangrasso C.M.M., M.P., B.Msc.


  • First a couple is to take the Prepare/Enrich online assessment. This is taken prior to entering premarital sessions.This assessment will be used as a tool to assist a couple. It will identify their unique strengths and differences, as well as, determining which areas of growth is needed.
  • There are 6 topics which are covered in 6 sessions and are conducted consecutively. During each session, Reverend Cassandra will use the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory assessment. She will also draw upon her education, her divine spiritual gift and experience, to address the unique mental, emotional, spiritual and relational needs of each person. Couples can request additional topic assessment sessions if needed.
  • Each Session is 90 Minutes each week and can be conducted at a SC Center location, in your home, online through Skype, or your choice of location.
  • Workshop is Interactive and driven by integrating the (Science) PREPARE/ENRICH Inventory Assessment,
    combined with Spiritual and Metaphysical elements during each sessions.
  • Homework assignments are given.
  • At the conclusion of the Premarital Couple’s Workshop …a “Certificate of Completion” is given to couples to
    remind them that they have “built their foundation upon rock and not sand”. They prepared for a life long commitment
    to each other and together they will endure any storm that may come their way.


    Invest in Your Future…

    Fee to attend The Premarital Couple’s Workshop © $350.00…
    There is a $50.00 deposit if you decide after your consultation to hold your workshop date.
    This deposit will be applied (credited) to week 6 of your session.
    The remaining $300.00 is payable in installments at the start of each weekly session.
    You may cancel your workshop at any time.


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    Reverend Cassandra M Giangrasso is a Minister and Servant of God and is professionally trained as a Metaphysical Practitioner and will draw upon her education, her divine spiritual gift, and experience to address the unique mental, emotional, spiritual and relational needs of each person. Reverend Cassandra is committed to a Catholic/Christian perspective in dealing with issues,yet she is sensitive to perspectives of other belief systems.


    Disclaimer: Parts of Premarital Couple’s Workshop is also driven by Metaphysical and Spiritual Principals and its use of metaphysical and spiritual applications.

    Understand that parts of this Premarital Couple’s Workshop is also spiritual in nature
    and can be given for the purpose of spiritual guidance, spiritual enlightenment and/or spiritual education.

    Understand that there are no guarantees of any kind, based on what will be implied or stated in and during any session
    or the outcome of a couple’s relationship at any time during the sessions and or thereafter.

    Understand this Premarital Couple’s Workshop provided by the Spiritual Connection Center and Reverend Cassandra M Giangrasso
    is not a substitute for any professional; legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care and is advised to seek
    the advice of a trained state-licensed professional in any of these areas if needed to do so.

    All sessions held remain strictly confidential, and held under NY CPLR 4505 Clergy-Penitent Privilege.