“And lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Amen.


Matthew 28:20



Health and Legal problems
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:I am in desperate need of additional prayers for both my health and having to deal with a tenant who has been threatening and bullying me now for 11 days. I have been working diligently to get a contractor to fix the plumbing and insulation problems,as well as trying to find an attorney to help me since tenant reported me to the board of health, and refusing to pay my rent. I truly cannot take anymore to get this resolved, to have one attny be so rude and threatened to hang up on me 3x in trying to get some guidance. I am not sure why I cannot find a reliable contractor to now fix even further damage to the building from the frozen pipes and drain, to find an attny who will ge this tenant to stop threatening me, and worse the city inspector to show some empathy after the cyclone that not only left over 10 in. of snow but minus degree wind chills. I have been having chest pains since Mon. the 1st daily due to all of this. Thank you, pray that I can find an attny that will advise tenant since he chose to remain there he is still liable for paying my rent, to stop the threats and nasty emails, and I can find a contractor to get all of this resolved once and for all. Thank you very much Friday, 12th, I finally got the quote I need, but still not cleared from board of health, and the WORST part is that the contractor who I have been waiting for, Mark, stated thru Amanda, that he can "tentatively" start on Jan. 22nd, and they are expecting another snow storm and more frigid temps again which will cause more problems from the tenant and city. I have asked if they can do this before that date, because the city stated within 10 days of Jan. 9th...Please I truly need your prayers to add that this can be done "IMMEDIATELY" because of the impending snow storm and temp. drops...Thank you from the bottom of MY heart for your assistance, prayers and understanding how desperate I truly am. All contractors are very busy which means I am limited of resources, and I prefer to use Mark bec. I will know it will be done correctly the first time. Much gratitude and love for your support.