Promoting a way of life that will lead to health, happiness and peace of mind.

The Spiritual Connection Center can assist one in the realization of one’s purpose, discover God’s Presence within their lives, to assist one to understand their position in their relationships, and to awaken their spiritual capabilities to function confidently throughout their daily lives.


For all who seek us and whom have given us their permission. Our team can help address the spiritual needs of anyone, through workshops and classes, spiritual guidance sessions, spiritual reading sessions, and pastoral services.


The Center is designed as a Spiritual Teaching Facility. Its a place where all can unite to study, to investigate, to nourish, to examine, to become inspired, to receive teaching, and to communicate with others. The SC Center’s promotes all services that is in accordance with the teachings and examples given by Jesus Christ.




To Assist Individuals…

Help participants enrich their lives by assisting them to find knowledge and truth, healing,
and meaning through the awareness of God’s presence within them and the world around them.