Ministerial Services and Your Celebration

Marriage Ceremony, Commitment Ceremony, or Renewal of Vows Ceremony


A Sacred Union, in celebration of two souls uniting together proclaiming

their love for one another.


“A life long commitment uniting together as partners, not one above the other, walking together side by side down the road of life, through the good times and bad, with understanding that each of them will continue to grow in their own way, towards their own road. Each respecting the other, each loving the other unconditionally, each in support of the other, standing together side by side.” ~Reverend Cassandra




Marriage, Commitment, or Renewal of Vows Ceremonies can be ministerial performed, whether in a catering hall, outside in a garden, at a park, or on the beach.






Ceremony Fees


A Ceremony can be performed at Your Location


For Ceremonial Requests

the Fee is $350.00, includes personalized ceremony and travel fees throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.


For first time Marriages, Premarital Sessions are required at your location

Sessions will consist of 2 visits for one hour per visit.


If Couple enrolls in The 6 Week Premarital Assessment Workshop with PREPARE/ENRICH.

Fee is wavied when booking wedding date.







Personalized Blessing of a Child / Baptismal Ceremony

    • Celebrates the spirit of family
    • Spiritually seals the relationship between the child and his or her parents.
    • Welcomes the child into the family and community. 
    • Parents pledge their commitment to their child amongst family and friends.
    • Godparents make profession of faith and assume an obligation to serve as proxies for the parents
    • Ceremony announces the chosen name of the child and celebrates its significance.



For Ceremonial Requests Fee is: $300.00, includes personalized ceremony, and travel fees throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.






Contact The Spiritual Connection Center for further information on any of these services…  631. JOY .4930