In Honor of Our Pets


“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”~Anatole France


This page is dedicated to all animals and their owners around the world to

publicly share with others the joy and love they have for their companion family members.


All are invited to share their Pet’s photo along with a short story.

Photos submitted will be placed on The SC Center’s

“St. Francis Pet’s Photo Gallery”


Pets who have passed or are ill will be especially mentioned during the

Immaculate Mother Mary Rosary Club held on the third Monday of each month.
We shall invoke and ask for the intercession of St. Francis to watch over your pet and ask for his prayers, so they too may be lifted up to God our father.




For those who would like to submit a photo and story of their pet…

Click here to Submit your Pet Photo, Memorial or Prayer Request


Love Donations are accepted and your gift will be used to maintain The St. Francis Gallery Web Page.
An acknowledgment will be placed in your pet’s name as a St. Francis supporter..