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Feng Shui Consultant, Healer, and Intuitive Counselor

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Deb McBride, is known for her rosy cheeks, friendly smile, and the coziest astrologer in town. But she’s also one of the most academic: She’s the author of some of the practice’s more scholarly articles, and treats her craft like a true science. “There are certain things in an astrological chart that we carry with us our whole lives,” she says, “and I know when they’re going to get pinpointed time-wise based on what the planets are doing.”



Ms. McBride has been studying astrology for most of her life, in addition to holding degrees in chemistry & mathematics. She began her professional astrological counseling practice in 1986. She has enjoyed the study of both personal and mundane astrology, and never ceases to be amazed by the workings of the human psyche, particularly the research of, psychological and cultural shifts represented by astrological cycles.




Her Style of Astrology: Ms. McBride’s work is astrology with intuitive counseling. She acts as a catalyst to give clients emotional support and helpful information during important periods of their lives, using astrology to help clients understand the dynamics of the transition they are experiencing. She also explains how they carry certain traits and how these qualities are expressed. Astrology is very helpful in explaining what these often difficult times feel like emotionally and how best to handle them. All planetary forces are not alike and it is very beneficial to have a professional reading to comprehend what is affecting you and what is required to achieve your potential. Astrology can explain why we repeatedly attract similar situations and how to break these patterns.


Her Philosophy: “You tell me what’s going on, I tell you what’s going on, and then we try to meet in the middle and figure it all out. I just like people to know that if they feel like they’re going through the juicer, they’re not crazy. There are bigger forces at work here.”



What to expect: While McBride is a very by-the-books astrologer—not only does she spend a good deal of time with your chart before you arrive, but she frequently studies other charts during the reading in an attempt to identify patterns in your life—she recently completed a three-year course in counseling. It’s almost like talking with your favorite R.A. from your college dorm: gentle and wise.



chartDeb McBride is Available for Private Consultation by Phone or on Skype …

90 minuites…By Appointment Only…Fee: $250.00 

Follow Up Sessions…Fee: 175.00


A One on One Private Session with Renowned Astrologer Deb McBride as she will explain your natal chart and give to you an understanding of the influences that has shaped your life.





What’s Included?

A 90 minute session, includes your astrological chart, transits, progressions and the astro cartography, a print out of your natal chart that will be send to you via emailed pdf file prior to session and your session is recorded.



God determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names.~Psalm 147:4