The Spiritual Team are Affiliates of the Spiritual Connection Center.      

All Affiliates have chosen to partake in the Mission and Purpose of the Spiritual Connection Center. Each are humbly honored to possess (*) Spiritual Gifts given to them by the Holy Spirit for the benefit of all. The Affiliates understand the gifts given to each of them are not theirs alone, and are the property of Our Creator, God, Our Father.

(*) The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are blessings given to our souls, and depend directly upon God for their existence and exercise.

Its in these Gifts of Supernatural Senses and Abilities that makes it possible for us to lead our lives as spiritual helpers and teachers.


The Affiliates mutually agree upon this statement… The services and assistance shall be given to those only who seek their service and whom have given their (*) permission for their services: as; 


In all private sessions, all Affiliates shall and will respect all individuals and will not interfere, or cause undue influence to any one seeking their assistance, knowing each person has the right and responsibly to choose their own path and to decide what to do with his or her own soul. All individual sessions performed by any Affiliate with a participant are held in strict confidence, and each Affiliate shall carefully guard the information entrust to them. 

(*) Permission means the express, informed consent of any individual who has a scheduled appointment with a

specific Affiliate or Group of Affiliates in order to perform any service unto them.


Medical, Psychological, Legal or Financial Advice, all Affiliates are prohibited and will not treat any individual and agree that they will not imply their services are to be used as an alternative. All Affiliates are to direct an individual to seek assistance from a Licensed Professional in its area / field.


Affiliates do not offer any services that will interfere with a person spiritual growth and will not offer for sale any and all kinds of potions, charms, talismans, rocks, gems, candles, techniques, and or any other items, will not perform or mention the use of spells, or to remove curses, etc. and are mindful to the purpose and mission before them.


All Affiliates respect and are mindful of the Universal Laws as it is in this, all actions, events, scenarios are / were based upon a combination of factors and condition in an individual’s life.


Universal Laws governs lives.

“As above, so below; as below so above.” — The Kybalion.


Note: All Affiliates are completely independent. Their views, opinions and beliefs are theirs alone,

and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of the Spiritual Connection Center or its Founder.

The Spiritual Connection Center does not supervise or manage their practices or beliefs, however,

they have mutually agreed upon the Center’s Policies, as is fully mindful to the Center’s mission and purposes.