Notable and World Renowned Professional Astrologer,

Feng Shui Consultant, Healer, and Intuitive Counselor



Deb McBride, is known for her rosy cheeks, friendly smile, and the coziest astrologer in town. But she’s also one of the most academic: She’s the author of some of the practice’s more scholarly articles, and treats her craft like a true science. “There are certain things in an astrological chart that we carry with us our whole lives,” she says, “and I know when they’re going to get pinpointed time-wise based on what the planets are doing.”



Deb McBride is Available for Private Consultation by Phone or on Skype …

90 minuites…By Appointment Only…Fee: $250.00

Follow Up Sessions…Fee: 175.00



Book your One on One Private Session with Renowned Astrologer Deb McBride as she will explain your natal chart and give to you an understanding of the influences that has shaped your life.


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