Session with Reverend Cassandra M. Giangrasso

Duration of Each Session:  60 minutes.    Fee Per Session – Per Person: $75.00

Each Follow-Up Session    Fee Per Person: $40.00

Couple’s Session    Fee: $95.00

Couple Follow-Up Session    Fee: $75.00


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Appointments Available On Skype, or at your Location.


Individual Session

Sessions geared to help one to connect with one’s own inner strength and wisdom.

Assistance is giving in gaining clarity and peace in overcoming; obstacles, pain, discord with

loved ones, anxiety, loneliness, self esteem issues, anger, resentment, fear of the unknown, etc..

In addition, methods such as, silence in prayer, affirmations administered to help heal the heart and mind, and messages from Spirit may be spoken.



Couple Session

Session geared to rekindle and reawaken the bond a couple has for one another. 

Combination of methods are used to promote, enrich, release and strengthen a couple’s relationship.



Pre-Marital or Commitment Sessions 

Pre-Marital or Commitment Sessions are available and are encouraged. Attending such session can deepen the bond a couple has for one another. Helps to provide a solid foundation before a couple begins a life long commitment to one another.



Spiritual Guidance Session

If one does not follow a specific religion, but feels there is a spiritual dimension to one’s life, these sessions will help release one’s own individual path. Sessions are also helpful in, re-establishing one’s faith, especially when one’s mind has formed mistrust in its chosen religion.  Sessions promote and help enrich one’s continual quest for spiritual truth.


Life Coaching Sessions

Sessions help to create a positive frame of mind and aids one to achieve one’s goals and aspirations. Whether personal or professional or in combination, Life Couching Sessions can help an individual in all areas of their lives. Weekly instruction through the teachings of metaphysical laws to assist one to attain their goals. Sessions will also help to clarify one’s values and inner strengths, while helping to expand self-awareness and develop self-discipline.


Need to Vent Session

Everyone needs someone to talk to…tell their troubles to and just listen.

This session can help one to release and feel better.


Discover Who You Are, Not Who You Became Sessions

Sessions are geared to help one get in touch with themselves by exploring all areas of one’s life. This session will help release what one was taught, what one was taught to believe in. How one can break the chain of someone else’s ideology. How one can become who they are meant to be, not what someone else wants you to be.



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