“is designed to be a meeting place for individuals seeking to find truth, healing, and meaning in their lives”.


A Place to Learn, and to become Inspired.




Each individual needs to be reminded of the vital part they play and how they are connected to all that exists in life, we are all participants. Many of us do not understand why we are here or why we lead the life we do.


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;
we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.


It can not be stressed enough how important one must get to “Know Thy Self.” If one does not know truly who they are, what they are, or why they are here, life will continue to be futile.


By discovering who you truly are first, then life will become easier, less stressful, you will begin to notice and adapt to the changes of everyday life with ease, and you will become more in the flow with others and the world around you.


When you Discover who you are, you will be thankful for all the wonderful blessings God, our Creator has given you. You will begin to look at the life lessons you will have to embark upon, that came forth from previous lifetimes. You will find strength and endurance to overcome the trials each lesson may bring. You will begin to understand life and its purpose. And more importantly, you will gain insight into your mission, so you can begin to radiate your light to others and the world.



So Whether you are lost, afflicted, stricken with guilt or grief or just need a shoulder to cry on.

We Can Help…


Whether you are having relationship problems, financial problems,

suffering from lack of self-esteem, you are burned out, feel worn out.

We Can Help..


Whether you are seeking to learn how to awaken or recognize your spiritual side,

if you want to dive deeper into your spiritual world,

We Can Assist…

and help you to advance your abilities as a spiritual being.


If you are looking to learn, want to become connected with other like minded individuals,

make new friends, or obtain a strong support system.

We Are Here…


We Are Here… to help you to confidently move through Life.

We are here to help you to restore confidence and helping you to recognize your inner strengths.

We can help you to unleash and raise your self-esteem, or help you to learn how to obtain lasting and meaningful relationships.


At the Spiritual Connection Center we offer online Workshops, Individual Spiritual Counseling or Reading Sessions,

Ministerial Services, Couple’s Sessions, Support Groups, and more.

In addition… the attendance of an online Scheduled Event or Lecture

can assist in helping you to move into personal and spiritual maturity.


The Spiritual Connection Center’s main mission

is to supply the tools one needs to obtain spiritual direction and understanding.

We believe, through God’s Divine Graces, He will help one to

gain knowledge and acceptance,

by nourishing the soul’s desire to further its advancement,

allowing it to strive, and by helping it to unleash the true purpose of one’s existence.


“Come and Explore Your Inner and Outer World”…