The SC Center at Austin Plaza,
100 Austin Street Suite:3 – Patchogue, New York




The Spiritual Connection Center is a Teaching Facility dedicated to all things seen and unseen, in order to form a more perfect institution, thus, uniting all of humanity and encourages and emphasizes “the Need” for one’s continual quest for spiritual truth and fulfillment.








The Spiritual Connection Center’s main mission is to supply the tools one needs to obtain spiritual direction and understanding. And, with God’s Divine Grace, He will help one, gain knowledge and acceptance, by nourishing the soul’s desire to further its advancement, allowing it to strive, and by helping to unleash the true purpose of one’s existence.The Center strives to help those with this realization as they can help participants to discover God’s Presence within their lives.



The Center believes current religious doctrines and rules have stunted one’s Divine Right to fully understand how to connect to God, and they are here to help one comprehend why this connection is so vital to one’s existence and its importance. The Center can provide the tools needed to those individuals seeking to obtain such truths. 



“Come and Explore Your Inner World”



The Spiritual Connection Center offers WorkShops, Lectures, Spiritual Counseling Sessions,

and other services to assist participants in the realization of one’s purpose,

to understand their position in their relationships,

and to awaken their spiritual capabilities to function confidently throughout their daily lives.


The Center also offers, Monthly Rosary Prayer Club, Pastoral Services, can assist in Paranormal Investigations,

Group Support Sessions, Meet Ups, Couples PreMartial and Marriage Enrichment Programs,  

Periodically the Center holds Telecast Seminars with Renowned Authors and Teachers and Features Monthly Guest Appearances. 


Community Service and Fundraisers offered to worthy causes.

No one is ever turned away due to lack of funds.